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Odd Ice Cream

Do you like your routine cookies 'n cream flavors? How about flavors such as bacon ice cream or spicy peanut butter? Learn more about odd ice cream flavors.

Weird Berries

Do you love munching on strawberries or blackberries? How about dewberries or boysenberries? Learn more about berries that not many people have heard of.

Odd Jello-O

Jello-O has a lot of interesting flavors. You get your usual grape, apple, and strawberries, but have you ever tried cranberry, pumpkin spice, or soda pop?

green jello

We all like our chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream, or chocolate pie. However, those are treats that you can eat anytime with any meal. Why not mix it up with some unusual desserts? Learn more about weird ice cream flavors and odd jello cups.

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